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Roasted Garlic and Butternut Linguine

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Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Butternut and Roasted Garlic Linguine

Those of you who follow me know that I have developed a bit of a love affair for butternut squash season. Last week, I made a Vegan Risotto Butternut, and this week, I made this gluten- free & vegan Butternut and Roasted Garlic Linguine. This creamy linguine was just so divine that it would even make angels question their faith. It has many the same flavors and creaminess that the risotto had, but the roasted garlic just seals the deal. The recipe also makes a good 5 portions, but you might want to finish it in 3 or less. We sure did.

Butternut Squashes

Since I have been a little obsessed over butternut squashes lately, I thought I might do a little research. Originally, I thought it might have been something the First Nations of North America would have eaten during the colder months. After doing a little research, I found out that it was created in the 1940 as a hybrid between the gooseneck and the Hubbard squashes. So it clearly doesn’t have the history I had originally thought it did. However, the Hubbard squash is 4,000 years old. It’s hard flesh and tough exterior made for a great source of nutrition for the indigenous of those regions during the winter months since it can last for up to 3 months. Learning from the wisdom of the indigenous, Hubbard not unlike the butternut squash, also have high concentrations of vitamin C making them great sources of nutrition during the winter season keeping your immune system healthy.

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When I started on this journey of discovering different gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan recipes, I was looking to find recipes that wouldn’t make me feel restricted. I feel that this Butternut Linguine has really brought my goals to the next level. It’s one of those dishes that you’ll have to tell people that it is gluten-free and vegan in an unapologetic way, because it’s just naturally that delicious!

The key to a good Butternut Linguine

The two heroes of this dish are the butternut and roasted garlic flavours. Something about the roasted garlic in this dish that brings it to the next level. Adding pan fried garlic instead just wouldn’t be the same. The roasting process brings out a smokey, sweet flavour and compliments the butternut linguine beautifully.

You’ll also need a good blender. You’ll want to reach that creamy richness to the butternut squash sauce and a high-powered blender in crucial. If your blender is not high-powered enough, you just won’t achieve the same texture. Anyways I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.

Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Butternut and Roasted Garlic Linguine


Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Butternut and Roasted Garlic Linguine

Roasted Garlic and Butternut Linguine

This delicious Roasted Garlic and Butternut Linguine will blow your mind with the sweet, creamy buttternut squash and roasted garlic.
Course Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Keyword Butternut Squash, linguine
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 738kcal
Author Happy as a Yam Recipes


  • 1 Medium-sized butternut squash cut in ½ lengthwise and seeded.
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil divided
  • 10 Leaves of fresh sage
  • ½ cup Shallots chopped 
  • 5 Large cloves garlic with skins on
  • Pinch ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp Ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Nutritional yeast
  • cup Coconut milk
  • 14 oz (or 395g) Gluten-free linguine


  • Preheat oven to 400˚F (170˚C). Place squash onto a baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on the inside of the squash. Bake open side down for 40 minutes or until tender.
  • In the meantime, fry sage with vegan butter or olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat until crisp. Remove from pan and set aside. Add shallots in skillet and sautéed over medium-high until translucent about 7 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, cook pasta to al dente in a large pot of salted water according to directions on package.
  • Before the end of the cooking time of squash, add garlic cloves into the pan and continue baking for 7 minutes. Your cloves should have a slight crisp on the outside but still be tender on the inside. 
  • Once your butternut squash has finish, remove from oven and let cool for 15 minutes until it is warm to the touch. Remove the skins from garlic and squash. Cut squash into cubes and add 3 cups of the squash into blender with fried shallots, nutmeg, cinnamon, roasted garlic, nutritional yeast, coconut milk, salt and pepper. Blend till smooth. *
  • In pot over medium heat, combine drained pasta, puréed squash mixture and crumble half of the crispy sage until sauce coats pasta and sauce is heated all the way through, about 2 minutes. Season with additional salt and pepper as needed.
  • To plate, serve pasta topped with crispy whole sage leaves and additional pepper. Enjoy!


*Blender should be no more than half full so if you have a smaller blender work in batches.

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  1. This is fabulous. Truly a wonderful recipe. I love squashes and even sweet potato as sauce, or even part of a sauce. Anymore I’m too old to deal with a raw squash, so I get purées at Whole Foods. Years ago I never would have taken short cuts like these! This year I had both hands operated on so I’m learning to embrace good shortcuts in the kitchen! I’ve heard there’s even frozen cubed butternut squash, which would be great if you want to roast it first. Anyway, love this. So perfect in the fall.

    1. Hi Mimi, I’m sorry to hear about your operation and taking shortcuts would make a lot of sense for. However, I would opt more for the frozen squash option simply because you wouldn’t get that same Smokey flavour taste without roasting the squash. But you can easily roast frozen cubed pieces but either way I’m sure they would taste good. Let me know how it goes!

  2. I have tried this recipe and now it’s one of my all time favourite! So delicious!Actually with half butternut squash I have a sauce for 3 times for 2 people! Amazing, I absolutely love it!

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