Katia M., Blogger, Photographer, Taste Maker,

An image can speak a thousand words, tell you a story, or transport you to another country. When I look at food, I see the potential journey that it can take me on.

My Personal Food Journey

Food has always been my medicine. When you’re on a restricted diet, food can sometimes get boring. I often felt that I was missing out on all the good stuff. But with a little research and some kitchen elbow grease, I was able to create some jaw-dropping meal plans that would make any dinner party ooh and aah.

With over 15 years of photography experience, it made sense for me to combine my two passions food and photography. In 2016, I focused my energies on becoming a food photographer. My lens was my best motivator to be able to share my creative process with others.

I look forward to motivating you in creating your own culinary journey.

Katia M.

Blogger, Photographer, Taste-maker